Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Attitudes and Longevity

Some thoughts on longevity---As in anything---the proof or the merit of something is in....the proof, not the claim of someone who says they know. If I told you that eating only raw foods for the rest of your life would make you healthy and long lived, I would hope that you'd ask me, who are the people who have lived long lives doing so? It is only common sense that something which purports to be so has a factual basis for such a claim.
With that said, research was done on people who lived long vigorous lives. Researchers wanted to see if there were any qualities that were prevalent among them, this is what they found. It is by no means a comprehensive list but here are some of the similar characteristics:
"A study was done to find out what long lived people have in common. There are a few interesting things that stand out:
  • They mistrust doctors, preferring to do their own research about their body and get second and third opinions before taking a course of action.
  • They have a great sense of humour.
  • They are quite naughty, and playful in their attitude to life.
  • They are rebels, preferring to follow their own inner inspiration rather than being sheep following the flock.
  • They have a deeply intuitive sense about life, listening to their inner wisdom and trusting it.
  • They like to exercise and be in nature.
  • They are always interested in learning new things."

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